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Bon jour,       〜〜(/ ̄▽)/ 〜ф

These images showcase the world seen trough the eyes of the Berlin-based artist, Jan Vormann.

In his manifesto he writes: “don’t enjoy living in dull and grey cities. Do you? Have you noticed that toys for kids are generally very shiny and colorful? I wonder why that is, given that they are to be brought up to live in mostly dull and gray cities as adults. Since I lived in many of such cities, I am seeking to improve the appearance of public spaces in different ways, in terms of what I consider improvement.

Dispatchwork contradicts and satirizes the superimposed seriosity of constructions in the cityscape. Within all that rigidity and stiffness there are plenty of chances for your own creativity. The project also aims to put the focus on the playful, hands-on aspects of creation in our daily lives, and further, on the possibilities for participation to construe and design our own reality.

I find his vision amusing, endearing, brilliant and lastly amazing.

I mean, not only did he implemented himself he inspired OTHERS.

If you visit the website ( you can read more about the idea (project) and you can see the multiple people that he inspired.

Now, will I do it myself? I have no idea. I might…still, I hope it inspires you

and it makes your day brighter.

Kisses darlings, I hope you enjoy!

Bonjour! 。◕‿◕。

Here are some of the amazing works made by Pierre Yves Riveau.

He is a french artist and freelance graphic designer from Nantes (France).

For more awesomeness you can stalk him here :))))) :

                                             Saluuuuut!    ( ̄▽ ̄人)

Food at last!

The reason? Well some friends of ours will be coming by and they have two adorable children for whom I want to cook something delicious.

So, I surfed (do we still say surf? - anyway) the internet for some children recipes (not those in witch you learn how to cook children)….and…I choose the ones you see in the pictures above :)

So, without further bla bla bla, here they are:


you can learn how to make those delicious looking pretzels here —>

2. Ladybug Appetizers

recipe —>

3.Loaded baked potato soup

yumminess process over here —>

4.Tomato basil soup + Grilled Cheese Bites

Recipe —>

5.Flower eggs :)

No recipe =)))) but here is the source, maybe you will find something you like —>

6.Crispy oven fries

I know fries are not the answer, but I loved them as a child and I still do to this day, so, no hate for the fries, this ones are noble oven fries…

Recipe —>


So delicious and easy, recipe —>

8. Potato Salad-Stuffed Spuds with Smoked Chicken (i had to copy paste this…because it is toooo loong…fine! because i’m lazy)

Recipe —>

8. Cake pops

These are adorable!!!!! not the ones I choose, but cake pops in general

Recipe and examples —>

10. Cake with berries and peaches!!!

Recipe —>

Et voila, the 10 amazing foods! I still have a problem with choosing fewer…so …

Do you have an idea of which should I pick?

Hallo! \(^ ^)/ (Owl MANIA!!!)

I don’t know if this is weird or not but, I really like owls. 

They are so cute! Maybe fashion has something to do with this because it used the owl as a design component….and frankly made it truly adorable and attainable.

Maybe it’s Harry Potter, or the cartoons :))))

Fine…i have no idea! I just like owls, i like their big round eyes, their fluffiness, their elegant feathering, etc etc etc.

Hello BABIES! (っ⌒‿⌒)っ

I am so proud to show you something really cool.

Dizainăr is in the house! (They seem to be a group of cool people, doing cool things)


Since I don’t like to waste time when I wait for something or someone (like public transportation or a very tardy friend) I always carry a book with me.

I used to carry the book in my purse or backpack..soooo…the book always ended a little ruffled!

Problem solved! I found this cover that helps me keep my books nice and clean + I really like the design…

The website -

                        This is the “Sad Cat Diary” - Brilliant!

You see, cat’s have a bit of a reputation…so this man took that and made it absolutely hilarious! This is the "cat tongue" for all!

Now i can’t look at my cat without thinking that she is thinking that I am thinking that we are thinking.

I hope you enjoy, and I hope it will make your day :)

Ohh! and here is his channel —>

                                The time has come to…

                                      push the button…

                                            just joking…

                                               or not,

                                        to each his own.

So, I present to you my unattainable crush! This piece of eye candy - as I like to call him - just sends shivers down my spine.

Ricki Hall is the first male model that gets me so worked up! I mean, that gaze with those beautiful eyes, THAT BEARD….dude THAT BEARD!!!, the tattoos, it just seems like everything just falls into place with this man.

I must come clean, I don’t know much about him (just the fact that he is just sooooo damn gorgeous) and to be frank….I don’t want to, my imagination does all the work.

I find him incredibly charming an beautiful (also handsome)….but maybe if i strip him down and forget the beard and the tattoos I might not be so enthusiastic (but let’s be frank…I’m not going to do that :).

Uhhhh!!!! you gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous man!